Don’t Compromise!

Compromise is what we do when we do something out of character for approval a group. In society we have been taught that we must compromise in order for to get through some things. Yes, compromise is necessary when it comes to conversation and relationships (platonic and romantic). But compromise is not necessary when we compromise ourselves and act in a manner that put other people in a poor position. One of our main slogans at Soulside Skincare is “Don’t Compromise”. That is not only for our customer but for us as well

When we say “Don’t Compromise” we are telling you guys, our family, not to shop with companies that have unethical behavior. To not settle for products that are lower value because they are “convenient”. It is for you to not compromise and buy from a brand that may not be cruelty free or natural. It also means for you to buy for a company that genuinely cares about them and does not just see you as a piggy bank they can exploit. We pride ourselves on being a company that cares about our customers because there are not many of us left. We understand that there is no Soulside Skincare family without you guys and we are genuinely grateful.

“Don’t Compromise” means something different to us. We use it as a way to remind us of our values. It is for us to not compromise ourselves as people and to become just another company that doesn’t give a damn about their customers. They are just milking them. We want to be human first, business second. We have all heard the saying “its business not personal.” But we disagree with that statement wholeheartedly. How could it not be personal if we are all humans first. We will always make our decision for humans first. We want to provide a safe space for you guys. Being online we face challenges but hopefully provide you with an intimate and personal experience to the best of our capability. With that said if you do not know them already our values are humanity, quality, self-love, environmentally conscious, and fight against hate. It is important that you know them as well so that you can hold us accountable if we are falling behind or lacking in an area. We want to be held accountable if we are not keeping our promise not only by ourselves but by our family. It wouldn’t be much of a family if we did not give up that power.

If you would like to know more about what our values entail, please check out our values page or feel free to direct message us on Instagram, message our chat box, or email us as we are always available for a chat. As always stay blessed.

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Cesar Lazare Jr