Equality Through Knowledge

Due to the current circumstances that we unfortunately still witness within this nation, we feel as though we would be doing the people a huge disservice if we did not find a way to create something that could help unify the people of this country. Systematic racism has been a deeply ingrained issue within the borders of not just our great nation, but also within the hearts of its citizens as well. The Black American community has faced perpetual discrimination since the birth of the United States and the question must become what can we do as people to invoke not just change but understanding.

With a constitution that still declares black people as 3/5ths of a human to this day, one must ask when will it end? We can reach solidarity and we must for the sake of livelihoods that have faced harsh realities of what it means to be black in a country in which privilege oftentimes is based on color and not merit. Some refuse to accept but we must start with those who have an open-heart and mind in hopes that they too will continue the mission of peace. 

With that being said, we at Soulside Skincare have partnered with District of Equality in an effort to assist in changing the plaguing narrative of what it actually means to be human and what equality should truly entail. Our Sage and Solidarity soap acts as a symbol to remind us that despite race or background we all require the same love and care to fuel us as we navigate through this human experience. All profit will go directly to a charity pot that will purchase books that will be donated in order to properly educate the youth of the true history of racial disparities. They are the bright future of this nation and we should do whatever it takes to guide them with information that will promote love and understanding rather than hate.


The campaign ended in a great success thanks to all of you that supported either by purchasing, donating, or even sharing what we were doing with your friends. With your help donated over 300 books to kids in the Everett Public Schools District and donated the remainder of the Sage and Solidarity soap to On The Rise, which is a women’s shelter in Cambridge, MA.

We will to continue doing these kind of fundraisers with the help of District of Equality and a couple of other non profit organizations and we hope you join us for the ride!


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