Shea Honey Oat Face and Body Bar

Shea, Honey, Oatmeal, and More

The most skin soothing combination around powered by nature’s liquid gold our Shea Honey Oat Face and Body Bar soap is a must have for your daily shower routine! Packed with powerful moisturizing agents such as Shea butter this soap will leave your skin clean and hydrated like never before! Honey is known for its detoxing and skin nourishing magic while Shea butter’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties help to heal and repair damaged skin with each bar. This bar soap is great for tackling all problem skin types. Give your skin the healing touch it needs before you enjoy your amazing day ahead!

A spoonful of shea butter


A powerful moisturizer known for its ability to soothe and heal dry and cracked skin

close up of honey dripping


Organic natural honey built known for having powerful antioxidant agents that will soothe and repair signs of unhealthy skin

close up of oats


Known for its powerful exfoliating and antioxidant properties to alleviate skin ailments naturally

a bunch of sunflowers close up


Naturally infused antioxidant oil with vitamins A and E to help heal and restore damaged skin

broken coconuts


A natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredient that is a perfect balance between a gentle cleanser along with a strong moisturizer

close up of safflowers


Helps balance sebum (oil) levels on the skins surface while providing natural moisture giving the skin a light glow


(Makes up only 12.75% of the soaps)

Adds additional firmness to our soaps while acting as a strong skin hydrator and helps skin retain moisture

close up of rosemary


A natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce signs of skin irritation and redness

mixed vegetables


A natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce signs of skin irritation and redness

Shea Honey Oat Organic Face and Body Bar

This bar soap harnesses the power of the all-natural super duo of honey and oats to gently exfoliate the skin, fight inflammation, and breathe new life into dry skin by restoring moisture. Shea butter amplifies this soap’s healing power by adding an additional protective layer of moisture that’s sure to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Cesar Lazare Jr