Blueberry Pancake Face Mask

close up of a bunch of blueberries

The Superfoods That Are Inside Our Decadent Face Mask We took our favorite breakfast food and turned it into a beautifully gentle face mask that can put you in an amazing mood with just the smell alone! Our Blueberry Pancake Face Mask is a wonderful addition to your weekly skincare routine as the potent antioxidants…

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Bare Face and Body Bar

Find Out What’s Inside Our Naked Bar Soap True, raw, and inspired by the simplicity of what Mother Nature has to offer our Bare Organic Face and Body Bar will make sure your skin is clean and refreshed without the fragrance! This soap is ideal for those with highly sensitive skin and leaves room for…

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Shea Honey Oat Face and Body Bar

Shea, Honey, Oatmeal, and More The most skin soothing combination around powered by nature’s liquid gold our Shea Honey Oat Face and Body Bar soap is a must have for your daily shower routine! Packed with powerful moisturizing agents such as Shea butter this soap will leave your skin clean and hydrated like never before!…

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Crème Brûlée Body Lotion

Crème brûlée on a tray

What’s Inside The Body Lotion That Provides Moisture Year Round! Our Crème Brûlée Body Lotion is an all-natural moisturizing power house that will leave your skin softer than ever before! Fueled by a blend of natural skin healing agents such as coconut oil and shea butter, our Creme Brulee will have your skin feeling softer…

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Aloe Glow Face Cleanser

What’s Inside our Miracle Working Aloe Glow Face Cleanser Packed with natural Aloe leaf juice our Aloe Glow Face Cleanser is ideal for all skin types! Gently treat common skin issues such as acne and dry skin as this cleanser looks to heal your skin with every use! This paraben-free cleanser swiftly removes dirt and…

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