District of Equality

What is District of Equality?

Growing up right outside of Boston, Haley and Jada both experienced life a bit different. Though our experiences varied, they both noticed common injustices everywhere. The conversations about the criminal justice system began to flow and our opinions even clashed at some points, but we quickly realized it was the conversation that was important. After parting ways and attending two completely different universities on opposite sides of the country our experiences intensified. 

During our college years, these hard conversations continued to occur especially centered around the 2016 election, immigration laws, abortion rights, and many other monumental events that have recently occurred. These conversations got extremely difficult at times, but the expansion of knowledge after one conversation was refreshing and we both felt it. Beginning in 2019, we started discussing how to encourage these conversations, how to educate our community members, and most importantly how to keep people comfortable with sharing their stories, experiences, and opinions. In June of 2020, we were able to successfully launch our non-profit, District of Equality, Inc. 

The District of Equality, Inc. is a Boston based nonprofit organization that strives to provide an open platform for community members to discuss their experiences with injustices in America as well as educate, communicate, and raise money for local charities. DoE is focused primarily on spreading education and promoting conversations about all injustices in America during the current health crisis. In the future, events will be organized to fundraise and bring the community together, so stay tuned and follow @districtofequality on Instagram and Facebook 

Meet The Team!

Haley Peloquin


Haley Peloquin is the founder of District of Equality, Inc., a platform used to spread education and awareness on injustices in America while raising money for local charities. Haley graduated with the class of 2018 at the University of New Hampshire with her Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies and Psychology. After graduation, she went onto continue her education at Northeastern University to receive her Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2019. From time to time, she volunteers at numerous organizations throughout New England, including the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, NH Public Defender, and the NH Court System. She hopes to use DoE as a platform to empower the community by using their voices, education, and experiences to help others around them.

Jada Vaughan


Jada Vaughan is the Vice President of District of Equality, Inc. This past May, Jada graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Criminal Justice & Psychology. She is heading back to UA in the fall to start her Master’s of Criminology degree on track for PhD studies. During her undergrad, Jada was involved in numerous research labs focusing on policy in Alabama prisons & mental health facilities. Studying trends of International crime in London her junior year of undergrad really gave Jada the inspiration to pursue a career in Criminology. Through her work at District of Equality, Jada hopes to ignite & empower through education so we can all have the tools of Justice.